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Update Sept. 06 - 2010 Pro's Or Con's "The Diet Solution Program-Weight Loss Program" By Health Experts

7 Common Mistakes in Your Diet
By Khairul MZ

The Diet Solution program is designed by nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios with the purpose how to maintain a healthy nutrition to you body that leads to increased health and weight loss and doesn't require any specific plan. In fact, you can create your own plan based on your own metabolic type, which is unique to you. We provide you with information of Pro or Con by health experts' opinions. it is up to you to decide. As always, p;ease consult with your doctor before applying, if you decide to make a purchase.

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Now these seven common mistakes about diet and nutrition that can make your diet... failed.

You do not consume fat
The experts agree that low-fat diet is a good way to erode the overweight. But, this research present recently showed that eating a little healthy fat (especially saturated fat only), combined with a diet high in fiber and protein, can help you lose weight. In this way, as said Penny Kris Etherton, Ph.D., RD, nutrition professor at Pennsylvania State University, will make you feel full longer. You were much more firmly to keep running weight-loss program.

Too many 'ban'
Many women who black-list their favorite foods. The reason is because there are several types of diets say all food is dangerous and can make their bodies 'bloated'. "You can not see the partial food," says Dayle Hayes, MS, RD, nutrition consultant from Billngs, Mont. "When you get rid of a bunch of food type, then you throw a variety of essential nutrients." "Making 'the list of foods that should not be eaten' is practically the oldest in the world of style diet," adds Robyn Flipse, RD, nutrition consultant. Yet what is important is how to shop or prepare food for themselves and doing regular physical activity. For instance, if you do not drink milk, eat diary products or peanuts, it means you lose some of the best protein sources. If you avoid eating fat-rich fish like salmon, sardines or tuna, then you are removing a source of omega-3 fatty acids are very important.

You hit 'amnesia'
Research shows that many people forget what I've been eating all day long or pretended not to know what is not so visible on his food (such as sauce, sugar or fat is hidden in his food). In addition, it is easy to 'forget' the calories you can through snacking. But remember, the body never lies. The results will you see on the size of the buttocks, abdomen and your thighs are bigger.

"I once took my friend all day and was so stunned by how easily he forgets what he has to eat," says Ann Litt, MS, RD, LD, a nutritionist and author of The College Student's Guide to Eating Well on Campus (Tulip Hill Press, 2000). "Too many small bites and sucking if collected can be equal to one full meal if you're not careful," he added.

Diets that do not fit your lifestyle
Having the desire to eat healthier and lose weight naturally is very good. But, if not dealt with proactively, and personal, then the diet with the best goal could lead to failure.

To make it real, try to look at your lifestyle and determine how what would be successful and what is not for you. When you work around there is no available healthy cooking, it never hurts you bring lunch from home. Or, try subscription Diet Solution Program to get healthy and low calorie foods. Or always ordered a half portion of food when you eat out.

Becoming a vegetarian? To be slim?
You think not eating meat at all will make you lose body fat? Think again. Because actually much better reason to become vegetarian, and weight loss is not one of them. Why? Many women who remove meat is not successful in reducing weight because they do not eat meat in large quantities.

In fact, a lot of 'instant vegetarian' actually gain weight because they replace the meat with a large serving of noodles, rice, or cakes. Yet all these foods contain calories which is almost as big as the meat, in fact do not contain proteins that make you more powerful. To become a vegetarian need more than just replace meat with tofu or just always eat vegetables every day. Being a vegetarian is a process that including of them create new patterns of shopping and cooking habits.

To change slowly, try to buy a cook book vegetarian menu. That sounds good if you consult with a nutritionist to plan a satisfying meal of your tongue and simultaneously fulfill your nutritional needs.

Your weight increased two-digit
It is very easy to gain weight as much as two kilograms, but also quite easy to reduce it again. You can scrape the excess weight of 2 kg within a month without making any adjustments that are essential to the calories you consume each day. To remove 1 / 2 kg, you can simply reduce 3500 calories could reduce the number of calories you consume or to exercise harder to burn more calories. By reducing about 500 calories each day, you can discard 1 / 2 pounds in a week, or about 2 kg in a month.

But, if your weight increased 5 kg or more, then you need to make a bigger commitment. That could take at least two months, or you have to reduce more calories from food each day and add your sports schedule. And obviously this is not a realistic scenario.

To stop the weight gain initially, create a diet diary to track caloric intake and your emotions are associated with food. Then weigh yourself at the same time every week. Thus suggestions Dawn Jackson, RD, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. Better yet if you check your body fat every month. By reviewing your progress regularly and make small adjustments in your diet and your exercise habits, it can certainly be no change in the numbers on the scales.

There is always a plan
It is normal to feel hungry, so rather than deny the 'call of nature' was planned so that at the time when you are hungry you eat on time. Because if not, you tend to lose control and overeat. "You should not travel more than four to five hours without eating beforehand," advises Evelyn Tribole RD, nutrition consultant in Irvine, California. "Bring your lunch to work, if you do not like the food menu in the canteen. Bring also a healthy snack such as fruit, nonfat yogurt, or boiled peanuts you can eat while in a vehicle or in accord-interrupted lunch."

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Recommended Reading
The Diet Solution Program
Not Only Remove Body Fat, But Guarantees
Increased Energy, Health And Vitality

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